The Settlers Online


Ubisoft Montreal

UX Game Designer

2012 · Canada


Project Overview

The Settlers Online is a strategy free browser game controlled via a point and click interface where the player builds a settlement, control cities' economy, and generates resources. To evolve in the game, the player has to defeat bandit camps and complete quests to win points and earn money.

Initially, the project was developed by Ubisoft Germany, but Montreal generated extensions to enricher the main game.

As a UX Game Designer, my role in this project was to present potential interfaces for new extensions and quests.

Project Process


  • Analysis of strategy board games.
  • Weekly play with the Creative Director and the Lead Game Designer a board game.


  • Weekly meeting with the Creative Director and the Lead Game Designer.
  • Game and Social Mechanics.
  • UX Problems and Solutions.
  • Document new ideas.


  • Create Flowcharts of the game’s extensions.
  • Create Wireframes of new interfaces.

Tools used

MS Suite

Adobe Suite

Engine of the game