Just Dance 3


Ubisoft Montreal

UX Game Designer

2011 · Canada


Project Overview

Just Dance 3 fox Xbox360 is a music video game that used the Kinect camera to track player’s moves. My intervention in this project was very multidisciplinary because I worked as a Scoring validator, Game Designer, and Artist UI.

Project Process


  • User Research: Interview and Observation.
  • At the end of each sprint, songs were tested in a laboratory with the public. During the performance, the team observed and took notes and at the end asked stereotype questions that helped the team to improve the tracking.


  • Brainstorming with the Game Design team about the implementation of “Simon says”.
  • Tracking moves with Kinect.


  • Create Flowcharts of the game’s interactions for the mode “Simon says”.
  • Create Wireframes sings and feedbacks for “Simon says” under supervision of Lead Game Designer.
  • Document sings and feedbacks for “Simon says”.



As a Game Designer, I worked with Ubisoft Paris to adapt Simon Says mode to Kinect. This is the first unlockable of the game and shows a pop-up with three kinds of movements: clap, stop, and spin. Player won points when the move is performed at the beat indicated on the screen.


My role as Scoring Expert consisted of adapting game mechanics to Kinect Sensor and verify with the QA team all move’s tracking. This experience allowed me to dance 8h per day.

I was responsible of 10 songs and one of them, Party Rock Anthem, was selected to present the game in the E3 convention.


Communicate clearly and work collaboratively within Creative Director and Game Director to implement “Simon says” in Kinect.

MS Suite

Adobe Suite

Engine of the game